Ritter Gruppe

The Ritter Gruppe based in Dettenhausen, Swabia is the leading supplier in the area of ecological heating systems. Established in 1988, the company specialises in regenerative energy systems which can be easily integrated in existing heating systems thanks to the award-winning AquaSystem. The company is the international market leader in the area of evacuated tube collectors. Since 2011 public:news supports the company by developing campaigns and publications in addition to classic PR services. public:news is also responsible for the professional exhibition management.





The challenge: 56 regional acting companies with differences in appearance, identity and history become to the national brand "Cleanaway Deutschland". An enormously commission of integration. At the beginning it is necessary to convey the reasons for the chance process, after that it is regarded to stage the embassies in a way that embed the message in the memory of the employees and the communication media.


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Otto Dörner
With 450 employees, the OTTO DÖRNER Group is one of the largest regional companies in the waste management and recycling industry in northern Germany. Furthermore, it is one of the leading producers of gravel and sand for the region's construction industry. We support the OTTO Dörner Group in the areas of corporate publishing and company communications.



SAND Technology

The international IT company helps businesses from all sectors to manage large amounts of data efficiently, whilst making it available for analysis and queries. We aim to raise awareness of the company amongst IT managers and decision makers, whilst honing the profile of SAND with an unexpected and friendly image. In addition to classic press relations, we support SAND with a B2B campaign and activities in the events area - all with a brand image which is unusually emotional for the sector.




The europe-wide image campaign "made of steel" stage steel as a modern, multifunctional and omnipresent material. We accompanied the campaign with europe-wide pr-measures. Our primary target group: Market multiples and decision maker.

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