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public:news is an owner-managed communications consultancy situated in the heart of Hamburg. The internal and external communication of brand values and brand content is pivotal to their success, and therefore at the core of our consultancy. Our aims are the sustained presentation, differentiation and profile elevation of labels in internal and external media, as well as in the public arena.
This is achievable only if brands - whether they are product brands or company brands - have a clearly presentable strategy. Only then can themes and platforms be developed that communicate the brand in a manner that is authentic, current, perceptible, and able to mobilise employees.


public:news - competencies


brand news brand news showcases
product brands.


corporate reputation corporate
reputation creates images for the
company's brand name.


krisenkommunikation crisis
management secures room to
manoeuvre in case of crises.


social media relations enable companies to join branding and customer dialogue.


creation public:colours increases
the visibility and recognition of your



Here you will find more information about the competencies of public:news.